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Thanks for a wonderful 2016 season! 

2017 season starts late April


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Dec 5
2016 Finale was Fun and Lots of Stripers
Many regular customers made their last showing of the year and were delighted to many Stripers the first half of the day.  Weatherman George put on a show catching 8 bass and a Blue. Many had a bonus and a keeper fish to take home and threw back some.  The Wednesday Gang:Bob,Ray, Stoney, Jack were present Bob did well and Jack after a few weeks off had a fine finish. 

Dec 3 

LIGHTS OUT STRIPED BASS FISHING ALL DAY TODAY. Bonus limit before 9:30am. Shads, Krocs & Poppers all worked, shads best. Most people had many Stripers tossing back a handful or more along with keeping 2 each. Great Day!

Dec 2 
VERY GOOD ACTION FOR STRIPERS. After a few days of tough weather we were back at it again this morning.  The winds were still blowing from the west but the fish were happy to cooperate once the tide changed mid-morning.  Swim Shads & Krocs worked best this afternoon.  Hi-Hook  today was Eric who had a dozen Bass and a few Blues.  Brian, Bryce and Samantha combined for over 20 Bass and a bunch of Blues. Weather looks nice into early next week.  Come on down before its all over! 
Nov 28
EPIC Day for Stripers! Great weather, wonderful customers and SUPER ACTION today.  "Deadly George" with his 15+ Stripers put on a clinic in the pulpit schooling many of the QM faithful.  The other George just steps away did the same. Bill, Paul and Kenny combined for 18 Bass and a few Blues.  Crabman even had a limit and threw back a handful & Kate had 9 Bass to 31." Shads were the best but other jigs worked too.  Weather is NO SAIL Tuesday & Wednesday.  We should be back at it Thursday and Friday.  See ya aboard late in the week

Nov 27
VERY GOOD STRIPERS TODAY! After a tough Day yesterday the bass turned on and Bit well all afternoon. Weather looking absolutely best of the week tomorrow Monday hope to see you aboard!

Nov 26
It started off like it was gonna be a kick ass day!  Unfortunately, the first drift was the best of the day.  Erik limited out on that first drift and we had a bunch of slot size fish too. The rest of the day I read the fish as thick as you could read them but they had lockjaw.  We did pick a few more bass and a few blues to round out the day.  In a word, frustrating! Tomorrow, I bet they bite! See you aboard

Nov 25
Black Friday provided some of the best Striper Bass Action of the Fall season to day!  Lots of fish on top providing action on poppers for those who had them.  While Swim Shads also worked well too.  Many limits were had and Hi-hook Dan had 9 fish, Gary was close behind with 8.  Weather looks very nice into Monday 

Nov 22
The last Marathon trip of the season was a success!  Lots of Stripers with some Blues mixed together.  Sean & Chase combined for 10 Stripers to 30" and a handful of Blues. We had lots of Slot sized fish 24"-28" getting out limit and throwing back a bunch. The keepers were tougher but almost had one for all customers.  Fish were taken on jigs, shad & Mojos.  Weather looks nice for Wednesday thru the weekend

Nov 20 & 21
No Sail too windy 
Nov 19 
CONGRATS TO LONG TIME DECKHAND ERIK! His first child arrived on Sunday, Pearl.  The Gorgeous Weather continued! Slow all morning capturing only a few Blues.  Late in the day we found mixed sized Stripers up to 31". Mainly slot sized 24"-28" with a few keepers over 28" and a bunch of short fish thrown back

Nov 17
Another Very Nice Day!  Great Weather & Solid Bass Action 

Nov 17
Another Very Nice Day!  Great Weather & Solid Bass Action 

Nov 16 
Great Weather with some Bass to 37" 

Nov 14
SUPER DUPER STRIPERS & BLUES! It was GAME ON 10 minutes from the dock this morning.  Loads of Stripers crashing the bunkers and the snag and drop was ON!  The first hour we had our boat limit of Stripers in the 28"-43" size bracket.  We spent a few hours cranking on Jumbo Blues the rest of the morning. When the folks had enough of that we went back and found the bait and whales and managed a few more Striped Bass and a bunch more Blues to end the day.  GREAT DAY! We will try tomorrow morning to sail our Striper Marathon trip.  Remember we are SOLD OUT this Wednesday & Thursday, so please join us tomorrow or Friday. Friday's weather is forecast to very nice.

Nov 13
Early Action Stripers & Late Action Jumbo Blues!  Nice Day
Weather very nice for Monday and it may be nicest day of week.  Tuesday looking tough and may be rain & windy

Nov 12
What a difference a day makes! Very Good Action today with Jumbo Bluefish to 19 pounds.  This fall season has really been up & down fishing. Somedays we have more Blues than Stripers.  Then the next day more Stripers than Blues.  Everyday has been different with more good days vs bad.  Weather looks very nice Sunday & Monday

Nov 11 

Happy Veterans Day! Thank You for Serving this wonderful nation
Today was a struggle! Most of the fleet except the Cock Robin had a very tough day.  We did manage a few but not nearly enough.  The Blues did not show at all and the wind kept us stuck to the beach and we could not get off to look.  Tomorrow the wind will be less and diminishing as the day grows long.  There were fish around but very hard to catch.
Nov 10
Another Good Day!  Weatherman forecast was wrong for a change to the fisherman's side.  Turned out to be a nice day and the Jumbo Blues and Bass cooperated.  If you are flexible Sunday is the nicest day of the next 3.  Hope to see you aboard 

Nov 8
Gorgeous Weather but very slow fishing today.  We did a couple Blues early with a nice Bass 44" for Troy to win the pool.  I found a nice area of big fish on top rolling and milling but only cold get a few bites out of them.  Hoping the clouds tomorrow help the situation.  Weather looks calm, cloudy with a chance of a spot shower.  This is usually good weather for Stripers to bite.  Hope to see you aboard 

Nov 7
Very Rough early made for a tough day.  When the seas began to calm the Blues started to bite.  

Nov 6
Stripers Early! Some Blues mid-day not enough overall though.  Looked good but the weekend boat traffic trampled the action quickly.  Weather looking good all week!  Tuesday looks like the best early week.  See ya aboard 

Nov 5 
Another Outstanding Day on the water! Lots of Jumbo Blues provided some nice action on jigs!  We started the morning trying to beat the little boats to some Stripers breaking under birds.  The little boats just beat the fish down fairly quickly and the action was over shortly after it started.  We managed to pick some keeper Stripers casting shads.  Jim Steel had a limit: a Slot 27" plus a keeper 32".  When that action ended we ran about 8 miles and found good action with Jumbo sized Bluefish to 18pounds.  Weather looking very nice into mid-week! 

Nov 3
SUPER Monster Sized Bluefish Action with a few Stripers mixed!  A limit of Weakfish to 20" was a nice icing on the cake. Friday is fishable and we will sail.  Weekend weather looks GORGEOUS. 

Nov 2
Blues were the main action today. We did manage a few nice Bass mixed in! Randolph won the pool with a 40" Striper caught on a chartreuse Mojo. Weather looks nice again for tomorrow.  Friday will be very breezy. Weekend shaping up nicely

Nov 1 
Hot Action Early for Stripers up to 47" The bite was over by 10am and we struggled to get more bass the rest of the day.  We did get a couple along with some Blues and plenty of weakfish.  Overall it was a good day! Hi-hook Rob Nace, had 4 Stripers to 43" Jack Schocklin, Charlie and Richie"1000" had 2 each. Mojo's worked well along with live bunker.  Weather looking very nice tomorrow and the Wed Gang will be down

Oct 29
Solid Action on almost all Stripers up to 45".  The 6" swim shads white, chartreuse &casting 2oz & 4oz Mojo's of the same colors worked best!  Bert Deluhy was Hi-Hooks with 5.  Tom & Samantha combined for 5. Nina and Dave had 6.  Most all were keeper Stripers with a few of the smaller fish getting Bonus Tags.  Weather looks very nice into mid-week.  Hope to see you aboard 

Oct 26
Finally some Stripers!  Not a great day but read a lot at times and we did pick some nice keeper size Bass plus one Slot fish.  Jim Stieves won the pool with a 34" fish

Oct 25
After days of hard NW winds we finally were back at it again this morning!  There was a considerate amount of life all over the beach.  Birdlife as good as you could as for, but no Stripers in it :-(    We did have action with lots of small weakfish to 13" almost all had to be thrown back though.  Lots of small blues to 1 pound and a few Albys and one Bonito that took the pool.  The bait and life is starting to arrive now we need the large Blues and Stripers to show up.  Tomorrow looks nice and we will have enough to sail.  See ya aboard 
Oct 19 
Nice Weather and Action for Blues up to 15 pounds!  Great October weather continued today.  It took about an hour to get the Blues biting consistently, but when the tide changed the Blues cooperated.  It was all on bait and pretty good for a couple of hours.  Weather:  Friday looks better than Thursday! 

Oct 13
Another Great Day on the water!  The Blues were all large models today and bit OK all on bait.  The picked and plucked all day and in the end had a catch.  Jacob was hi-hook with 5 and many had 2-4 fish in the 10 -14 pound range. Weather gonna be rough tomorrow so we will not sail Friday.  Weekend looks good with sunny skies, calm seas & seasonal temps. Hope to see you aboard 

Oct 12
Gorgeous Day!  Really nice folks and we caught some mixed sized blues!  Jim Stieves had the biggest by far of the season, a 22 pounder! Many of the fish were smaller in the 3-5 pound range with some gaffers mixed in.  Jigs worked best!  Weather looks very good Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Friday will be bouncy

Oct 7
VERY GOOD ACTION FOR JUMBO BLUES all on jigs. Great day! Weather looking calm again for Saturday only, so come on down tomorrow

Oct 6 
What a gorgeous day! Calm seas, sunny skies and some Jumbo Blues to bend the rods.  Not as good today as earlier in the week.  The guys who put the time in at the rail fought a bunch and boated a few.  We lost lots to the Bluefish jump and spit dance.  Jigs overall were better and bait did get some bites at times too.

Oct 5 
We are Sailing Thursday thru Saturday.  Hurricane forecast has changed and it may not even come close to us.  Next few days weather is very fishable and Saturday is forecast to be Calm.  Monday we had a fine day with Jumbo Blues
See ya aboard

Oct 4 
Did not sail too rough
Oct 3
JUMBO BLUES RETURN!  Good Action jigging the Jumbos up to 18 pounds.  The Wednesday Gang was out and had tired arms by days end.  Weather window was only good for today.  We are CANCELED Tuesday, Wednesday looks very iffy, and please check in as to whether we will fish Thursday & Friday

Oct 1
Well it huffed and puffed all week and the wolf is still blowing as I write.  We will not sail Sunday.  Monday appears to be the only day we will fish in the near future. Hope to see you aboard 
Sept 26
After a rough weekend where we had to cancel Saturday morning and Sunday was rougher than forecast, we had nice beautiful Monday.  We started off with a couple of drifts catching a couple dozen smaller blues 1-3 pounders.  I made a 45 minute move and found a good bite on False Albacore and when that ended around noon we finished up picking some Jumbo Porgies. The better anglers had 5-10 ally's.  Weather:  The only decent day other than today is Wednesday.  Tomorrow's tuna trip is cancelled 

Sept 16
SUPER MACK ATTACK TODAY! We left the mackerel biting at 11:30am to go looking.  Most had too many mackerel, and were ready to take a chance.  I found some 2-3 pound Blues late. We were able to jig them and I will look thru this area first thing tomorrow morning.  Weather looking very nice this weekend.  See you aboard

Sept 15 
Did not fish too rough
Sept 14 
Sucked compare to yesterday!  We went right back to where we left fish biting the day before but the water was dirty and the fish moved on.  We did have some small Blues and Macks along with many sea bass we had to toss back due to the season being closed.   I moved up to where we caught some large Blues and a few Albys yesterday morning but that was no good catching only Stony's pool winning jumbo Blue and a few Porgies. The pic below is from Yesterday's trip. I received too late to post.  This is Norm who caught a nice Alby yesterday.  Thursday we will NOT sail due to rough forecast.  Friday looks very nice and will be back at it again at our normal 7:30am departure time 

Sept 13
Limited Bonito & Alby Trip was a success! I wouldn't say screaming one but we had lots of variety including the intended species: Bonito, Albacore, Jumbo & cocktail Blues, Mackerel, Porgies & Sea Bass.  Started with Jumbo Blues and some Alby's.  We had them in the slick but never all that many and the slick calm sea and lots of sun made it very difficult to trick them.  We did manage 15 or so Albys boated and released.  I went looking found small Blues lots of Mackerel and a handful of nice sized Bonito.  Rufus had 2 Bonito and won the pool. Weather looks best Wednesday & Friday.  Wednesday Gang will be down tomorrow.  

Sept 11 & 12 
Did Not Sail Not enough participation Sunday & Monday.  

Sept 10
Finally some signs of fall fishing!  Big Blues and Albacore provided some action today!  I read lots of fish but getting the Blues to bite was a problem.  We did capture a bunch mainly on jigs and some on bait too.  The Albys provided some nice action for about 2 hours.  It was tough fishing but those who had the light tackle and knew how to do it caught a few.  Bert was Hi-Hook with 3 Blues and 10 Alby

Sept 9 
Finally back out on the water! We had great weather and did catch some but I was hoping for better. After a large storm it usually takes 2-3 days of normal seas to get everything back together.  We captured some Mackerel, a handful of 1-3 pound Blues and some short Fluke and lots of sea robins.  Not terrible after 6 days of 20-40KT NE winds
Sept 5 
The Tropical Storm ruined the Labor Day Weekend with just some wind and bog seas just a long NE Blow that will linger through Tuesday.  We hope to fish Wednesday.  We had some good Bluefish Action Friday before the blow. Here are some pics from Friday's fishing and the bat ready to brace the storm

Aug 31
The Return of the Bluefish this afternoon! After a morning of Fluke and Seabass.  Rick jumped up to the helm to point out some splashing fish.  We checked it out and were pleasantly surprised! Lots of 3-5 pounds blues willing to eat the jigs.  Jim Stives ended up with 8 Blues and lost a bunch of others.  We had an hour of good jigging and got in late with our best catch of Blues since early July. Thursday's Weather looks calmest for next few days.  See ya aboard 

Aug 28-30
Great Weather and some nice action for SeaBass and Fluke! 
Here are some nice pics and Fluke to over 7 pounds 

Aug 27
It was a Mackerel Massacre this morning!  We were on our way to the Fluke and Sea bass grounds by 10:15am this morning as we had bucketsand bags full of macks in less than an hour.  We had action with the Fluke and Sebass but as usual not enough to keep with most getting tossed back

Aug 27
It was a Mackerel Massacre this morning!  We were on our way to the Fluke and Sea bass grounds by 10:15am this morning as we had buckets and bags full of macks in less than an hour.  We had action with the Fluke and Sebass but as usual not enough to keep with most getting tossed back

Aug 24
What an absolute GORGEOUS DAY!  Lots of keeper SeaBass with Fluke plus an hour of good Mackerel Fishing. Ed won the pool with a nice Fluke

Aug 21-23
Good Action with Mainly SeaBass & Fluke with some Macks mixed in.  Nice weather helping provide lots of action with a good number of keeper size Fluke and Sea Bass

Aug 20
Another Fantastic Day!  Weather was glorious and the fishing even Better.  Tons of Macks and after 11AM we switched up and had nice hour and a half of Fluke and Seabass

Aug 19
Another action packed day with mainly Fluke.  Tons of short Fluke action with a bunch of nice Quality Keepers.  Casey out with her father Gary showed up Gary catching more and bigger Fluke.  Lots of smiling faces 

Aug 18 
Lots of Mackerel with Fluke and Sea Bass in the mix!  7 pound Fluke won the pool
Aug 17
We had some spectacular Fluking Action with lots of keepers

Aug 16
Another wonderful day! Action all day with a nice mixed bag of fish:Fluke, Sea Bass, Porgies, Mackerel & some Blues

Aug 15
Good Action all day with Fluke a few Seabass plus some Mackerel

Aug 14 
Super Action for Macks! Those who wanted Fluke picked away and some nice Keepers to 7 pound pool winner

Aug 12 & 13

Fluke and Seabass action! Mainly short fluke with some quality keeper Fluke and Seabass mixed in.
Aug 11

Please don't let the so called weather experts fool you! Remember, this type of forecast is VERY MISLEADING. Yes there is a chance of a T-Storm, it's summer time, heat and humidity generally give a chance later in the day when you are off the boat and home after 6pm usually. These are pics from the past 4-6 days. Hope to see you aboard. Summer is almost over don't miss out!!

July 26-28 
Very Good Action with Mackerel with some Seabass too.  Today we picked away until 11am then crushed Macks the last 2 hours.  

July 25

July 24 
Was OK action for cocktail Blues for those who could cast and Mackerel were around the boatel day but tough to catch.  Most everyone had some of both species so all in all an OK day. 
July 21
An absolutely beautiful day on the Ocean with all the Blues and Chub Mackerel you could catch. The weather will be HOT next few days! Now's a great time to come fishing and beat the heat out on the water !!!

July 20 
Wednesday we shifted gears. With the Macks not cooperating well on Tuesday, Seabass & Fluke were what we targeted in hopes of some action.  We were not far if the Blues and Macks decided to bite.  Lots of seabass kept folks busy and some Fluke too.  Dusty won the pool with an 8 pounds Fluke. Tomorrow we will see what pans out.  Weather looking great rest of week

July 19 
Macks and cocktail size Blues not so good Tuesday.  We have some fish and it wasn't a complete disappointment.  The day just couldn't compare to the previous bunch of days
July 18
Another good Day with the Macks

July 17
Another Fantastic Day aboard the Queen Mary!  All the Macks you can shake a stick at! Marcello and his boys said "We crushed them!"  Grab your large mouth bass gear and come on down!  Weeks weather looks nice with Tuesday & Thursday the shining stars.  Hope to see you aboard

July 16 
Another Very Good Day aboard! Fishing has been very good since our one bad day this week on Wednesday.  Lots of mackerel with cocktail sized Blues mixed in.  Bait working best but those jigging can do just as well. Weather looks great next few days. Come on down! 
July 13 Tough Day overall!  After a couple of weeks of very good action with Mackerel and Sharks along with sea bass giving us nice variety.  Today was just the opposite.  It stunk all day until the last 45 minutes picking away at sea bass & Ling.  Tomorrow is another day

July 12 did not sail
July 10 & 11
Super Mackerel Action continues!  Lots of Macks with Sharks being caught daily up to 60 pounds.  Some small blues and Seabass too.  Today we had many sea bass limits before we went for the Macks

July 9
Solid mackerel action today! Too bad the weather was crap
July 8 
This pic says it all!  It's 3/4 day fishing mixed bag. Some Mackerel, couple keeper Fluke, a small blue or two.  Bob's group from Philly area had a nice days and the 19.5" fluke won the pool
July 8 
This pic says it all!  It's 3/4 day fishing mixed bag. Some Mackerel, couple keeper Fluke, a small blue or two.  Bob's group from Philly area had a nice days and the 19.5" fluke won the pool

July 7
SUPER ACTION TODAY! Tons of Macks lots of sharks to 6' Dusky, Browns and a Hammerhead, some limits of sea bass along with a few Blues too.  Nice mixed bag fun for the kids! 

July 3 - 6

Nice acton with Mackerel, Sea Bass & some Sharks.  Matt captured our first Bonito of the season this Sunday

June 30 & July 1 
MACK ATTACK!  Great Action for the Mackerel again today and Thursday!  A few cocktail sized Blues in the mix along with some cooler 3-4 foot sharks. Below is Sarah with a small Dusky. Pic taken then released unharmed 

June 29
Did not sail Tuesday.  Wednesday was super slow for the blues as whole fleet had less than a handful combined. An 8 pound Fluke and some short fluke action was the highlight of the day

June 24 
Was a bounce back day.  Lots of Big Blues on Jigs cooperated today! 

June 23
We did not sail the AM trip Thursday 
Magic Hour again was MA