Offshore Fishing

Procedures for Tuna Fishing

The captain and crew aboard Party Boat NJ maintain the highest safety standards and professionalism, in an effort to provide the best possible fishing adventure for all passengers. We go above and beyond U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable trip so that you when you leave, the captain hears, "I am impressed with the boat and the entire operation; I had a great time, and I’m looking forward to returning with more friends!"

We are an 85 foot boat with 18 bunks and only carry up to 18 customers when we travel offshore. We will carry two to four crew members at all times. You will never feel overcrowded aboard Party Boat NJ. If you are a first time offshore adventurer with us, it is important to know the following when you arrive at our dock.

When the boat is docked and your cars are properly parked in the lot, you are free to put your rods aboard. Only one rod at the rail at any time; extra rods may be placed above or forward in the rod holder. (This means we should never count more than 18 rods at the rail since we carry a maximum of 18 passengers.)

Once the boat is cleaned and the captain or crew gives permission, you may bring all your remaining belongings on board. Any large empty coolers may be left in your vehicle since we tag and bleed the fish immediately and store them in the iced fish holds below deck.

Approximately one half hour before departure, Bob will ask all passengers to gather on the dock and review what many refer to as the "riot act", which is basically a review of dos and don’ts aboard the vessel. Essentially, the following applies:

Check our list of what to bring on the tuna fishing trip.